How To Get The Most From Summer Clearance Sales

How To Get The Most From Summer Clearance Sales

As summer comes to an end, you can snag some really good bargains online. If you know where to look and what to look for, you will find yourself saving money and wondering why you haven’t been doing this for years!

What’s on sale right now?

Most of the things you’d use in the summer are on sale right now including swimming pools, pool supplies, bathing suits, summer clothes, women’s sandals, outdoor entertaining items(picnic items, gazebos,etc.,) outdoor toys, and bikes.

Why buy now?

Buy now for either next year or gifts for the holiday for tremendous savings. If you can find shorts for your kids at 75% off, buy up a size for next year and you’ll have 75% savings on their summer wardrobe next year. Does Santa like to bring new bikes for Christmas? Check out Target, Toys R Us and some of the other outdoor stores online for deals on bikes and outdoor riding toys that you can stash away for the holidays. If you have space, pool accessories will certainly keep until next summer in storage as would summer entertaining items. You can probably get a fabulous deal on outdoor furniture right now!

What NOT to do.

Don’t buy just because it’s cheap. Only buy it if you really need it or will use it because what good does it do you if you wind up selling or giving away what you bought next year? The exception to this would be if you’re buying to resell the items! I know a lot of people who shop off season for things like this and sell them on eBay. You can make a lot of money selling hard to find bathing suits or shorts on eBay during the winter when families might take trips to warmer climates but can’t find suitable clothes! I know I once sold a pair of snow pants I only paid $10 for almost $30 on eBay just because they were in demand!

What TO do.

If you do buy clothes ahead of time, leave the tags on them. In case you misjudge sizes, you’ll be able to sell them on eBay or to a consignment shop. If the tags are still attached, the item is likely to bring you more money!

Enjoy the sales. 75%, 80% or even 90% off deals can be a real rush! Don’t forget to look for coupons for additional online savings.

Make sure to store your items where you won’t forget them. (As someone who is notorious for this, it’s my best tip!) You might want to get a large plastic container and label it “Summer Clearance” to hold all your loot. If it doesn’t fit in the container, then make a list of other things you’ve bought and tape your list to the inside of the box!

Watch for over-inflated prices which lead to over-inflated discounts. If something is supposedly 75% off but is only worth what the selling price is to start with, it isn’t a deal.

If you do all these things, you’ll be prepared come next summer with bathing suits, pool toys, and bubbles galore! You’ll be glad you thought ahead and I bet by then, you’ll have the hang of things and will already have a box of winter clearance waiting for the snow to fly!

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