Create a Nursery In Your Home

Create a Nursery In Your Home

Decorating a nursery should be fun and exciting creating that special space for your little one on the way. How exactly do you create a functional yet stylish nursery? It is all about the well designed and stylish furniture and comes under all the categories we love, beautiful, affordable and functional. This applies to both your personal property and any investment properties you might have as well. I created a nursery for a building I bought for retail leasing – and my tenants loved it. 

Design fluency

There are many ways to approach this but want to style a nursery that can grow with your child, for example, you might want to start small. No matter what style you choose to go with, you need to ensure that you invest some time to research and investigate, instead of randomly deciding on any style and hope for the best. Look at your home’s natural flow, and see what style could work well in your home. Again, your tenant advocacy will be much stronger if the property is well-maintained and pretty. 

Try and keep it simple

Keeping it simple yet still adding a playful environment. Go with a natural colour palette is the main key when creating a nursery due to the fact you can then dramatically change the room with accessories and furniture. You can layer the bed with different linen, throws and cushions that can add character to the room. Bed linen comes in different colours and fabrics that will add personality and punch to the room.

Get thrifty

Time to upcycle. Thrift stores and online markets like eBay and the trading post is a great place to find unique pieces for your nursery. You can explore different pieces of furniture that have been brought back to life or has a personal touch to it. This helps you to keep within a budget while adding something different to the child’s room.

Special awareness

There is plenty of paraphernalia that comes with children, so you need to ensure you invest in some good storage. You want something that can grow with your child like drawers, shelves and cupboards with hanging space so you can hide the contents from other people’s eyes.

Add a feature wall

Instead of creating different feature walls with paint think about adding a cluster of mismatched prints, photos and artworks. This is very trendy right now and can be easily changed when the baby grows.

Using sorbet shades

Monochrome works well with natural materials and neutral colours. It seems to have taken a backseat to the vibrant sherbet tones. Adding peachy tones and dreamy blues to the nursery can add a sweet touch that we all love.

Add some shine

Add some metallic magic by using gold, silver and bronze to a child’s room. You can use brass baskets that are very stylish and affordable, and they can help to keep things like nappies, clothes and toys organised in one spot.


Baskets work well in a nursery to save space and are more functional than toy boxes and bulky drawers. Keeping toys organised becomes quicker and easier with baskets. You can get baskets in different colours and materials that can add character and colour to the room.

Show some signs

Positive signs and quotes work well in a nursery. You can get some cute quotes from Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit and other kid’s characters. You can create them yourself and print them out a home and add a beautiful frame or you can buy some motivational quotes online like eBay which have some beautiful ones that can have custom sayings or pictures.

Make memories

Things like baby booties, rattles or their first outfit can become a showpiece. Instead of putting these away in a box frame them and put them on the way or sit them in a shadow box on a bedside table or cupboard.

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