Bikini Brands For All Shapes And Sizes

Bikini Brands For All Shapes And Sizes

Is there anyone out there that actually likes shopping for bathing suits? I didn’t think so. There is nothing worse than trying on heaps of swimsuits without finding anything that suits your body shape. We all know the feeling you get when all the styles just make you want to cry at how bad they make you look. But fear not! Your shopping experience doesn’t need to be wrong in any way, anymore. There are swimsuit brands out there that work well for all different sizes and shapes, especially for those of you with breast implants. If you have been searching for a swimsuit that allows for plenty of room or perhaps a stylish option that works well for small bodies but larger bums or bust – you’ve come to the right place. 

Sincerely Jules x Billabong

If you love the blog Sincerely Jules by Julie Sarinanas, then you are going to love her swimwear range. This collection was created in collaboration with the well-known surfer brand Billabong. The most important feature of these styles is the comfortable fabrics that she uses. They work well and are comfortable for all shapes and sizes. From playful accents to warm beachy tones, there’s something sure to suit everyone. 

Tropic of C

Swimwear that was designed by Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria’s Secret angel and seasoned swimsuit model. The range includes both one-piece and two-piece styles, that have been made with exclusive regenerated nylon – giving discarded waste a second life. Sustainability is chic! This brand is better for women with a somewhat smaller bust – so perhaps go for this one if you’ve had breast augmentation surgery. 


Eloquii is a brand that has recently launched its impressive line of swimwear. The items feature well-fitting bathing suits that offer supreme comfort and come in a range of colours and patterns. One thing that stands out about Eloquii is the affordable price tags that come with the swimwear. The reason they chose to make their prices cheaper was that so many other brands were accused of being too expensive. 

Sea Angel 

Sea angel is a line by Target. Sea Angel offers affordable swimwear that is chic, without sacrificing any of their quality and popular design. The bonus is that the range caters for maternity needs to and larger-sized women too. 


No other brand knows how to make a well-fitting comfortable swimsuit like lingerie brands. The new swimwear line from Knix seems to prove it. Their bathing suits are designed to support and lift you up, to help you feel more confident and comfortable on the beach or at the pool. The swimwear comes in sizes from S to XXL.

Remember that you must try on the bathing suit first before you go ahead and buy it, as many things tend to get made to look better on the hanger and model. You want your swimwear to be snug but not too tight. When swimsuits get wet, they slightly expand as they get soggy from the water. It is essential not to get a swimsuit that is too loose. Water can make the swimsuit drag and hang down, which can be unflattering.

Swimsuits are often sold as a set with the same sizing so a small for top and bottom. This type of sizing can be hard if you have a small frame but a big bust size. Each company is different and will have different fitting standards, which is why it’s essential to ensure that you have the right size. Ensure that when you put the swimsuit on, you feel confident. In order for it to be a perfect swimsuit, you need to feel not only comfortable but confident as well.

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