The Most Innovative Mobile Phone Cases

The Most Innovative Mobile Phone Cases

With new inventions popping up nearly every day (and disappearing at the same speed), it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of news about new products or inventions. Many of the most popular products are technological in nature and meant to make our lives more accessible and trouble-free. The most important invention that has come into our lives in recent years is no doubt the mobile phone. Mobile phones now hold a prominent position in our daily lives. The connection we have with our phones is increasing too, as new apps and ways of using our phones emerge on the market. 

Paus Fest is the biggest tech conference in Melbourne, and as I’m preparing to attend next week, I’m doing some research into new tech trends. Surprisingly, phone cases are topping the list for new innovative gadgets.

In addition to buying new phones, mobile phone accessories such as phone cases are becoming increasingly trendy and popular. This is because phone covers are not just used for protecting our phones from damage, but it can also reflect our personality and personal style. The same goes for popsockets and other quirky products. If you are wondering where to buy a popsocket, there are many places that sell them online! 

Mobile phone covers are something that we select with almost the same attention that we give to buying a new mobile phone. This is because we all know: the greater the cover is the safer the mobile will be. As the trend continues to grow, we see hundreds of exotic, funny and astonishingly beautiful mobile phone covers appear every day. These covers help users to protect their mobile phone, but they also allow the user to show off the essence of his personality. Previously, we would only see girly, cute or celebrity-featuring mobile phone covers for teenagers and girls. These days there are many more style available. For example, cases with a more subtle colour (perhaps for middle-aged people), and dark and unique covers (for younger guys). The list for distinctive mobile phone cover goes on, so let’s take a closer look at these peculiar phone covers. 

Smart Design phone case:

The smart design phone case helps users to access the camera and receive calls just by clicking the button the cover (without opening it!). It provides greater convenience to the user, especially for when she doesn’t have a lot of time, but it’s an important moment she needs to capture.

Underwater phone case:

If you are fond of swimming and want to capture images of the beautiful sea, the fish and the natural ambience of the earth’s miracles – the underwater phone case should be your go-to. The underwater phone case allows you to take your phone into the deep sea without damaging it, thus enabling you to enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Luminous phone case:

The luminous case is one that you can use when you are looking forward to receiving an important notification, email or a text message. It lights up when you receive a message and lets you know someone is trying to reach you, even when you’re in the darkest places.

Phone health monitoring case:

This phone cover case keeps your phone in an up to date position. It will indicate when your battery is overcharged, your phone is heating up or when there is a problem with the phone. So it does not just save your mobile phone, but also saves you (money and time!).

Pillbox phone case:

If you tend to forget to take your medicine on time, the pillbox phone case will help you remember it. The phone case has different sections (of different colours) that help you to identify which pill you have to take, which day and at what time. It is literally a lifesaver!

Small paintbox phone cover:

If you are an art freak and love to draw but can’t carry your paint with you everywhere, don’t worry! The paintbox phone cover has got you covered. It has small paint spans that helps you to put different colours in your painting collection, but it does not damage your phone. It keeps it clean and safe from toxins.

That’s the end of our most innovative mobile phone covers list. As you can see, there’s no limit as to how much you can accessorize your phone! The phone is one of the “everyday basics” of your life now, and the basics are never replaceable. So go get your favourite phone cover and make your phone stand out amongst friends, family and colleagues. 

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