Designing Your Own Shop Window Product Display

Designing Your Own Shop Window Product Display

There’s a lot of selling potential in a window product display. Initially, it should entice passers-by with an allure of how good the products are, and motivate them to check out the store. In doing so, you are hopefully turning them into potential customers (which can generate sales). This is the simple but logical reason for decorating your shop window with a metal display stand. But yet again, it holds a bigger purpose too: of reflecting what your brand stands for. While the window design serves as a creative playground for the one who decorates it, what are the elements that are important to include? 

  •  A clear message

While you want to attract an audience with something extraordinary, let us remind you not to clutter your window with unnecessary things. Include for example one beautiful piece of wire furniture – a statement piece – but don’t crowd the space. It all needs to be there with the purpose of conveying a message. Leave a little mystery for your potential buyers by focusing on one theme or one purpose. For example, in Australia, we celebrate Christmas during summer – but having both Christmas/winter style products and summer products on display at the same time could confuse customers and look unattractive. Instead, settle on one of the themes and then stick to it. Avoid a clash of seasons or confusing ideas by setting parameters and by following the store’s philosophy and brand-profile.

  • Combined design forces

While great storytelling (through a window display) usually drives people to take a second look, you could create an impressive impression that prompts them to talk about it with friends, family or colleagues. For example, if your store collaborates with a brand that uses environmentally friendly resources, you may bring out that idea through your window display vision and at the same time showcase your products. This strengthens the impact and may generate noise amongst online communities (where free advertising thrives through consumer-generated posts on social media).

  • Simplicity

The clearer the idea, the more a brand message or visual is retained in a consumer’s mind. Here you can use texts to communicate your main ideas. For example, if you put the word SALE side to side with your products, anyone walking past the store window will receive the message loud and clear. Let’s say I’m NIKE, and I aim to advertise my new collection of running shoes. If I would display a mannequin running on a treadmill, with a text that goes “One day or Day One… Just Do It.” I used its tagline, with the addition of only 5 words. How do you think the collection would sell? What people would filter? Do you think a pedestrian would take a photo of it and share it on her social platform? What is the extent of the motivation behind it? 

It’s simple, to the point, and the product is there making it happen. 

  • Inspiration (to the right degree)  

A stroll is not a stroll if you let go of your soul wander off into the universe. By that, I mean that if you are driven to see inspiration in anything, your casual stroll can be the ultimate source of your idea for the display. Be on the lookout. Admire others’ work while taking in what you can learn from them. If you are vigilant and look out for great designs in your everyday life – you’ll be surprised as to how much inspiration you can find! 

  • A safe and practical construction

The sky’s the limit when coming up with the theme, focus and the final idea for your display. There are challenges though when you dig into reality. Consider budget and resources as examples of practical things you need to consider. If you only have a certain amount, yet you are holding onto a lot of rubbish, push your creativity to a higher level by using something recycled, reused or refurbished. In short, just maximize what you got and make it work harder for you. Awareness is key, so start from there and look at every angle for the best perspective in making your brand seen and worthy of a “Lemme take a look inside.” 

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