Australian Interior Design Trends

Australian Interior Design Trends

A New Year is approaching, and top Australian interior designers have revealed the latest trends in interior design that are set to dominate in the New Year.

The previous year saw design trends that included marbles, pastels, and industrial style. However, interior experts have reported new trends in textures and colours. This doesn’t mean that marble, pastels, and industrial style designs can no longer be used, but injecting elements of these latest decor options into your interior can quickly freshen up your home.

So, if you are aiming to keep your interiors looking attractive and up-to-date, choose any from our list of top interior design trends for the New Year.

#1: Simple Walls with Artistic Touches

One of the latest residential interior design trends is letting your photographs and artworks do the talking. Nicely framed photographs, well-crafted artwork, or beautiful canvas prints on simple white walls liven up a room. Frame photographs of old Hollywood actors on your wall. This will make your room attractive and bring old Hollywood glitz and glamour into your room.

#2: Moody Blues

Adding moody blue tones to your interior design will be a big trend in the New Year. Moody blue tones will make your home warm and comfy. However, if making your walls blue will be a bit much for you, you can try blue accents like accessories, cushions, or a rug.

#3: Tones of Brass

Whether you like it or not, brass is here to stay. Forget that it sees your home transported back in time. Some designers have discouraged using brass for interior decoration. But the truth is brass accessories will make a perfect interior in 2020. 

Instead of using the actual brass metal for almost all metallic objects at home, overtones are perfect. Applying a quick brass metal finish is an inexpensive and quick way to incorporate this style.

#4: Mosaic Tiles

While marble tiles are dropping off the list, mosaic tiles are making the latest trends lists. Mosaic tiles could be used as a backsplash feature behind the sink in the kitchen or bathroom, or to create a small statement feature in the middle of walls. You can also use mosaic tiles behind your TV set or hung frame.

#5: Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture, such as lamp stands, headboards, and sofas make a stylish addition to the interior of modern living spaces, primarily when used with monochrome colour schemes.

#6: Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is now a trendy interior design, so if you are attracted to a statement wall, an exposed wall is the best choice for interior design. Exposed bricks have a colour accent that pairs well with soft green (mint) accessories.

#7: Textured Chairs and Accessories

Recently, the focus has been shifted toward tactility and texture, and this has translated into using furnishings with unusual textures. You can think of crushed velvet chairs or coarse Berber rugs to update your home.

#8: Colour-centric

Certain display of colours are expected to be on-trend in the coming year, and they include gold, beiges, browns, millennial pink, matte black, and warm neutrals.

Other colours expected to capture the hearts of many interior decorators are apricot, teal, jade, flamingo orange, warm browns, and rich reds.

#9: Minimalism

You do not need to go for super sleek and sophisticated interiors. Minimalistic interior designs are trending at the moment. They are elegant, simple, and straightforward to recreate. When you want a minimalistic interior design, choose quality over quantity, create a neutral base, clear all surfaces of clutter, invest in stylish furniture, use different textures but in similar tones, and above all, keep the decor and design simple.

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