How To Combine Coastal And Modern Design

How To Combine Coastal And Modern Design

Over the years, coastal design and beach style coastal furniture has gotten a bad rep, am I right? The pale and gusty style has become overflowing with outdated accessories. Now that the trend is coming back, however, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the coastal aesthetic is the epitome of simple elegance. Every detail that is in the room has been geared towards creating an area of relaxation, that can bring you peace on a day to day basis. And a peaceful home is something everyone wants, right? When it is done correctly, a coastal style space can still feel super modern and neat.

If you are interested in this type of beach style homewares, it’s time to listen up! We are going to show you a few easy and simple ways that you can bring a coastal vibe into your home or beach house. 

Go for a simple layout

Modern coastal design differs from its design predecessors. Rather than continuing the trend of a busy and colourful room (which may have been popular in the past), it is now time to embrace the minimalist approach that still gives a feeling of modern sleekness. To achieve this, you need to start by considering what purpose the room or space is going to be used for. When it comes to designing your rooms, you need to make the furniture the focal point. Leave negative space in spots so people can move freely around the area. Since you’re going for a minimal style, you will use less accessories than what you might normally use in other rooms. That’s why furniture is so important. So try to choose pieces that are in tune with your ideal coastal aesthetics.

Playing with textures

Where the coastal style is concerned, the visual elements carry a lot of weight. That’s why creating beach-inspired design elements is essential. Going to the beach is a beautiful and relaxing experience, but how on earth do we recreate this feeling at home, with the limited design choices we have? You can start by layering out the different textures. Go for rugs that are woven with wooden pieces or ones that have a rough finish. Ensure you include soft elements too (curtains, cushions, blankets) and choose furniture pieces that have a visually appealing texture.  Adding a modern touch to an otherwise coastal-style space tends to achieve a comfortable feel, including throw pillows, plush cushions and blankets that make spaces feel relaxing and welcoming.

Use a mix of traditional pieces and modern design

The accessories are where you can add the final feeling of “minimal coastal” elements into your interior design. In modern coastal design, you need to stick to fewer pieces than you would use in a more traditional beachfront home. Don’t be afraid to mix new and trendy pieces with some ancient statement pieces that infuse the room with beach-inspired nostalgia. 

Traditional style elements to include could be beach or driftwood crafts. In contrast, the modern pieces are more shiplap décor, decorative lanterns and chevron patterns. Over the last few years, the coastal style seems to have become all the more inspiring to interior designers. So don’t write off the seaside look yet, as the trend is likely to become even bigger in the next few years. This new coastal design, with a modern touch, gives your rooms a beachy feel that is fresh, clean and unquestionably relevant.

There is no doubt that while the old coastal-styles may be gone, you can still keep the vibes alive by adding the modern touches to create the modern coastal design that is trending right now.

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