Hair Tutorial: How to achieve perfect beach waves

Hair Tutorial: How to achieve perfect beach waves

Do you want to know the secrets to effortless beachy waves in your hair? Do you want to save money by not going to your blow wave bar every week? Whether you prefer to use a flat iron, curling iron or a headband you can create a style that makes you look like a beachy chic – even if you sit in the office all day. Even if you have short hair, you can still achieve the beach wave look of the same standard as the one you get at a blow wave bar. Below we have helpful tutorials that are easy and straightforward ways to create a beachy wave hairstyle quickly and effortlessly. 

Using a flat iron

You can create natural-looking beachy waves just by using a flat iron. You don’t need fancy curling irons you need some heat protectant spray to use before you blow-dry your hair. Now, you wrap your hair around the flat iron, pull it through the hot plates, clamp and then slide. If you find you are having trouble getting the hair to glide through the iron plates, leave a little space in between the two plates. Once you are done, you need to break up the waves gently with your fingers to add a little texture to the look.

Beach waves with a curling iron

Using a curling iron is the most traditional way to get beachy waves. Go for a barrel that is around 1 inch in diameter and ensure that you use a heat protectant spray before you apply heat. Once done, just shake the hair out and you’re ready to head out.

Beach-waver curls

If you are having trouble getting the gist of using a curling iron, it may be time to try out the beach waver. A tool that is auto-rotating, so it does most of the work for you. The beach waver is easy to use, and it makes creating beach curls more relaxed than ever. Thanks to the speed settings and varying temperatures, you need to press the button on the tool, and you’re on the way to an effortless curly look.

You can even get beachy waves for short hair

It can be a little harder, and it will take some practice to create waves on short hair, but it is possible. You need a 1-inch curling iron and a quick flick of your wrist. After you have finished curling your whole hair, spray over a  flexible hold hair spray before you start brushing out the curls to make sure they stay.

Beach waves in five minutes

You don’t usually start beachy waves at the start of the roots. It makes sense to put your hair in a ponytail and begin to curl from the ponytail. This is an excellent option for those who have trouble sectioning off their hair. It is also useful if you are finding it hard to reach the back pieces.

Creating those beachy wave hairstyles are now easier than ever without the fuss of going to hairdressers and wasting valuable time and money. Many of us are on a budget and need to watch what we spend money on. There is no better way to create a beach-chic look by creating beachy waves from the comfort of your own home. Had your hair up all day for work but need a quick relaxed style to meet the girls at work consider putting your hair in plates then you can just let them out and run your fingers through and done. A quick wavy style created in no time at all.

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