4 Easy Pool Table Trick Shots to Impress Your Friends

4 Easy Pool Table Trick Shots to Impress Your Friends

You would have definitely played pool tables at a club or pub or even at your house. With a cool Cuban cigar in hand, you may have also felt the need to impress your friends with some cool trick shots while you’re playing. Make sure that you practice all of these before you try them in front of your friends. If you keep practising them, there is a large chance that you are going to master it. Here are some pool table trick shots that help you to impress your friends.

  1. An easy pool table trick shot is The Power of 9. It is simple as well as it worths a few practices before showcasing it to your friends. The nine-ball looks like it is locked behind the billiards fortress and six other balls stopping it from the pocket. Yet you will see a person to look at one of the pockets before you do the magic 9 ball trick shot. See how the trick works before trying it on the pool table to dazzle your audience. This is a classic move that has been in the billiards history for over 70 years. The power is 9 is important to watch and master to become great at the pool table and impress your friends.
  2. If the other person calls for a side pocket, 6 places the cue opposite to the 6 balls line straight onto the 1-ball, and you have to strike a full hit on the ball of the object. For the pocket, the 3- and the 6-balls move aside from the strike and the magical nine strikes the side off the 8-ball into the corner and a similar shot is used for another pocket.
  3. This is a trick shot to make 4 balls into the pocket at only one shot. So basically to do this shot you have got to put all the four balls in the middle like a rack. Then you are going to place the cue in line with it. Make sure that the cue stick is touching the 4-ball and the 4-ball is touching the 3-ball and make sure that there is no space in between them. These two balls must be touching. Now you are going to use the knowledge of the diamond line to put your cue there. Now find the diamond line at the place where you are and go to the other side and find the diamond line there too. Use the pool cue and diamond line to put the balls into the pocket. Now set up the cue to the 2-ball. Put it in the middle pocket and tip it in the middle. And then the 2-ball has to be touching. Repeat the same for the 1-ball. Then get the 4 balls frozen. Get the 3- and 4- balls frozen to the cue ball. You are going to strike, and the four balls will go into the pickets al, at one shot. This is a very easy trick to do, and you practice this it can surely help you impress your friends.
  4. This is a very classic shot to impress your friends. A travel humidor often accompanies players that use this. Freeze the 1- and 2- balls to each other in the middle of the diamond line on the back rail. Then try to hit the 8- ball without touching the one ball. People say it is not possible, but it is when you have them straight and slowly strike the cue ball. This is one another easy trick shot that anyone can try.

Try all of these easy pool table trick shots and impress your friends anywhere.

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