Can Retail Interior Design Affect Sales?

Can Retail Interior Design Affect Sales?

Some research was carried out by the national retail foundation, and it concluded that 79 per cent of the consumers were still shopping in the mortar and brick stores. So much popularity has come from the in-store shopping, which means that retailers are now investing more resources and time into their store layout that will aid at increasing sales.

There are so many retail strategies that should be tried in an attempt to increase sales and grow the customer base. And there are plenty of retail marketing ideas such as things like loyalty programs that can help to get the customers to spend more money in the store. Did you know the store’s layout and design are the main factors that will determine how much a customer will spend?

The way you arrange the retail store will need to be taken into account, and consumer psychology will apply. You want to be turning browsers into buyers and scientists have it down to the interior design layout of your store. Visual merchandising is one of the best ways to increase sales.

The main goal of a store is to get the customers to buy your goods. You should prioritise and create such a store design that will direct shoppers to as many items on display as you can but also providing a comfortable environment at the same time.

Ideally, you want to take into account how the floor plan is going to affect the sales before you even open up the store. The feel and look of the store should be in front of your find even when you are shopping for somewhere to set up shop.

Design your welcoming store

The welcoming area or the decompression zone is the area that people see when first entering your store, so ensure the decor and design is just the way you want it. This will be the size of about 15 feet, but it can be bigger depending on the size of you’re the store. This is where the customers walk in and first see what is on offer. Here is where they will decide whether your shop is expensive or cheap and whether they want to bother looking around the rest of the store.

Ensure it is spacious

Make sure you have enough space in the welcoming area that will encourage shoppers to enter your store. If the area is cramped, it speaks chaos, and the customer will often leave the store.

Display the best items here

This is where you need to have on display the star products which will entice customers to go further into the store. You can use specialised artwork that will help to showcase the products and mannequin arrangements. Use the space behind your counter like the back wall where you can advertise the special promotions.

Allocate plenty of space to make it easier for the shoppers to see items and ensure there is personal space on the counter where they can put things like handbags and phones while paying for the goods. Promote the impulse buys, which are small items that can be added to purchase quickly. Earrings and socks work well or hair ties or men’s ties.


It is certain that yes, the retail interior design can affect the sales and the better the layout, the more people will feel comfortable in your store. So, don’t be afraid to play around with the interior design of your retail store. It’s always a great idea to ask the customers for some feedback on how they feel about the layout as well. It does not hurt to get a little bit of consumer insight into things.

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