Costs of Building a Home Extension vs Moving Out

Costs of Building a Home Extension vs Moving Out

For lots of families, there is a time when your house becomes a small squeeze. Maybe growing kids are filling the home with their friends, toys and sound and also making the rooms look smaller than they once were. Or maybe an expanding company means that the home office needs a separate space to the dining room table. The demand for a larger home is a drawback that lots of families have to confront, where a house extension is often forgotten about.

Property Potential

Just like most big decisions in life, it all comes down to the subjective standards. Nobody can tell you exactly what the ideal choice is, however there are particular questions that you may ask yourself that may help you discover the ideal answer. When you are thinking about the advantages of extending your house instead of moving, consider your current property. Is it a unit? A bungalow? A semi-detached residence? What kind of road is it on? Is it situated in the city? The countryside? Does it have a loft? A cellar?

The extent to expand your house to save cash will be higher in certain circumstances than in others. It is never hopeless, but it could be much more challenging, and far more costly. If you have a garden area, a fresh attic or garage, or even a basement these provide excellent potential for a suitable and financially viable house advancement. If you reside in an apartment, nevertheless, there are fewer choices, which you might choose to take under account before deciding on whether to extend your apartment or move.

Location Potential

Where are you? Your city or street road should affect your choice. In London, with space at a premium and home costs ever high, it will likely be worth your while to boost your house rather than move. Even a costly expansion, for example digging below your house to make a cellar area from scratch, can cost you significantly less than moving to a larger house in the capital town.

Have a look at the property costs in your area and learn what the prices are of moving out of a two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom. Get an awareness of the expense of a larger home in your area; by doing your research and having a great deal of knowledge on the facts and statistics means you are able to make an educated choice about what’s going to be most cost effective for you: going elsewhere or extending your house. Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to check at houses on your road and costs they’ve recently sold for.

The Hidden Costs

Hidden costs do not just apply to extending your house; they also apply to moving. Listed below are a few small extras that you could get stung by in the event that you do not factor them in your decision making process.

You are moving house: do not overlook stamp duty, which increases with the purchase price of the home. Additionally, there are estate agent charges to consider, which may run from 0.75 percent to 3.5 percent of their selling cost, and attorney’s fees. It is possible to run up tens of thousands of dollars in those skilled expenditures; a big difference when you have not budgeted them in. If you are really getting into the nitty gritty of moving versus extending your house, then remember to also compute your moving costs: hiring a van, and professional movers, if needed.

You are going with a house extension: Planning permission costs, as do construction regulations tests and any surveys your local council may need from you. You might require an architect and structural engineers, in addition to the expense of your contractors themselves.

Factor the Disruptions

Together with the subjective standards of your extension, consider your daily and household life when weighing up the costs of moving versus enhancing to add value to your property. Where a garage door conversion needs to keep most disruption to a minimum, a basement or 2nd storey additions will cause one to much more hassle.


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