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Can Retail Interior Design Affect Sales?

Can Retail Interior Design Affect Sales?

Some research was carried out by the national retail foundation, and it concluded that 79 per cent of the consumers were still shopping in the mortar and brick stores. So much popularity has come from the in-store shopping, which means that retailers are now investing more resources and time into their store layout that will aid at increasing sales.

There are so many retail strategies that should be tried in an attempt to increase sales and grow the customer base. And there are plenty of retail marketing ideas such as things like loyalty programs that can help to get the customers to spend more money in the store. Did you know the store’s layout and design are the main factors that will determine how much a customer will spend?

The way you arrange the retail store will need to be taken into account, and consumer psychology will apply. You want to be turning browsers into buyers and scientists have it down to the interior design layout of your store. Visual merchandising is one of the best ways to increase sales.

The main goal of a store is to get the customers to buy your goods. You should prioritise and create such a store design that will direct shoppers to as many items on display as you can but also providing a comfortable environment at the same time.

Ideally, you want to take into account how the floor plan is going to affect the sales before you even open up the store. The feel and look of the store should be in front of your find even when you are shopping for somewhere to set up shop.

Design your welcoming store

The welcoming area or the decompression zone is the area that people see when first entering your store, so ensure the decor and design is just the way you want it. This will be the size of about 15 feet, but it can be bigger depending on the size of you’re the store. This is where the customers walk in and first see what is on offer. Here is where they will decide whether your shop is expensive or cheap and whether they want to bother looking around the rest of the store.

Ensure it is spacious

Make sure you have enough space in the welcoming area that will encourage shoppers to enter your store. If the area is cramped, it speaks chaos, and the customer will often leave the store.

Display the best items here

This is where you need to have on display the star products which will entice customers to go further into the store. You can use specialised artwork that will help to showcase the products and mannequin arrangements. Use the space behind your counter like the back wall where you can advertise the special promotions.

Allocate plenty of space to make it easier for the shoppers to see items and ensure there is personal space on the counter where they can put things like handbags and phones while paying for the goods. Promote the impulse buys, which are small items that can be added to purchase quickly. Earrings and socks work well or hair ties or men’s ties.


It is certain that yes, the retail interior design can affect the sales and the better the layout, the more people will feel comfortable in your store. So, don’t be afraid to play around with the interior design of your retail store. It’s always a great idea to ask the customers for some feedback on how they feel about the layout as well. It does not hurt to get a little bit of consumer insight into things.

What not to buy online.

What not to buy online.


Double-check for what you buy online

But for lots of reasons, purchasing them in-store remains a safer bet. So much could go wrong when sending a fridge or dishwasher, and if it arrives damaged you will have to work out how to return this huge package — and you may need to pay for it if you cannot prove when the harm happened. It could be a good deal of hassle for a little bit of savings. Here are a couple of things that are not worth buying online.


  1. Mattress


You may not need to click and purchase the very first mattress you visit online. “If you get eight hours of sleep per day, that is a third of your daily life, so that is a fairly significant investment,” says Shelton. In the end, a back sleeper will experience a mattress otherwise than a side sleeper could, so you may not have the exact preferences. Find one that you love in a shop, then cost check once you leave to determine if you’re able to get a better deal on the web. Like with furniture, going back and haggle with the identical salesperson who had helped you before can help you to get a better buy. You may not just get the cost matched, but also snag extra perks such as free shipping as the salesperson attempts to seal the bargain, says Shelton.


  1. Prescription medication

There are lots of reputable pharmacies that sell prescriptions at discounted prices, but there are also many who are not. Although these may make some attempt to get you the perfect drug at the perfect time, you won’t really know what you are getting. And you won’t know whether the place is scrutinized and controlled, either.

These are a lot more likely to be reliable since they need to prove themselves to find that type of professional affiliation.


  1. Name brand knockoffs

It is tempting to buy designer knockoffs on the internet, but the reality is that it is not worth it. You may never know what may happen to your credit card information once it is out there.


  1. Large appliances

They are sometimes impossible to repackage, and then you need to arrange (and pay for!) Besides, who can tell whether the colour is truly likely to match and be ideal for your home unless you find the item in-house. Save yourself an enormous potential headache and buy these from the shop.


  1. Furniture

While it’s possible to have a whole lot on a product when you get online, the possible return process makes the entire thing less desirable.

Moreover, you will need to be certain that your furniture is comfortable and that you enjoy the materials. Unless it is possible to sit on that sofa or open and close the drawers on the dresser, then you won’t understand that until the merchandise is delivered.


  1. Last Minute needs

Shipping and returns are not a big deal if you have time to spare, but if you are ordering a product for an event that is coming up quickly, your safest bet is buying right from the store. “If it is something you want now, you cannot return it, and you have the danger that it won’t work out for anything you need,” says Shelton. That fast dash to the shop might take more time, but save you repent.

Buying Art For The Living Room

Buying Art For The Living Room

Well-placed and interesting art has the power to change a room, but shopping for the right piece may be a complex and intimidating endeavour. To help expedite this procedure, we have provided a few pointers on selecting the most appropriate piece of artwork for your house. We have provided these tips as a guide only, ultimately it is up to you, your tastes and your space. Shopping for art is a wonderful experience, browsing through all the galleries and falling in love with the perfect piece for your home.

  • Buy what you love. Nice art should never be a maybe and should delight you every single time you look at it. Art can liven up any space, especially the living room where it is a communal space for enjoyment. Splurge on the vintage piece down at the auction or order a custom print of your favourite photograph. The internet has a variety of prints readily available of more expensive pieces for you to have for yourself.
  • Consider a modern piece for a more traditional room and a classical piece for a contemporary room. It warms up it and provides visual contrast and conversation starter. Visitors will be impressed with the contrast and depth this creates and you can even take thisfurther by incorporating matching furniture and décor to compliment the artwork.
  • Do not try too hard to coordinate with your artwork to the space. Instead, contrast and adapt the room with artwork so that it works together with the space and does not overshadow the room. Don’t be too fussy or restrictive in what you are looking for, keep an open mind, there is no real formula for what art to choose. It is about the feeling and cohesiveness that it conveys. Sometimes a piece will just jump out at you and it was nothing like what you had considered before.
  • Do splurge on quality custom framing and professional museum showcases for your artwork. You will be happy you did since it will enhance the visual appeal and protect the artwork. Try acrylic showcases as a durable affordable option. Proper display solutions ensure the artwork will last a lifetime and create a clean professional look. Many artists offer complimentary framing and know how to display artwork to look its best.
  • Mix and match. Mix artwork from different eras and different styles of artwork. Display $5000 paintings with $20 street artwork. Add some home-made children’s artwork and family photographs to the mix. Build your collection over time and tell your story. Your home will become your own miniature gallery for you to enjoy every day.
  • When you put art in your house there is just one opinion that matters: yours. When it is a shocking or edgy picture, it’ll be remembered. You can even get creative and introduce a motif for the rest of the house with the living room piece as the centre piece.
  • If you find a piece of art and it is not the ideal size or colour, ALWAYS ask whether the artist may produce a personalised piece. Most artists will be happy to reproduce a piece for your requirements.
  • Be open to several mediums. Artists create beautiful works aside from oil paintings, interesting mediums include wax, enamel, gold dust as well as recycled substances and cloth. Adding textured art pieces add another dimension to the room. Experimenting with colour is also important. Should you have all black and white photographs and coloured artwork? Or possibly stick to a pastel colour scheme?
How to Increase Retail Sales

How to Increase Retail Sales

In certain ways, brick and mortar retailers have a limited client base. In the end, there are only a certain number of customers who will walk into a shop on a particular day.

While advertising can certainly affect that amount, your focus cannot be just about bringing in new clients. In reality, if you have felt fulfilling your retail revenue projections depends only on the number of shoppers that appear at your doorway, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers you don’t know even exist.


You are likely not attempting to maximise shoppers and sales generated from your shop.
You are likely not converting them from browsing to buying, nor suggesting selling additional products to maximise total transaction value.

Your employees may have created a culture in your shop of cost selling what’ s available, what is cheapest, and sometimes avoiding selling certain products.

When clients leave with only one item rather than with everything they want, a rival gets their extra business and also an opportunity to produce a loyal customer from a person who should have remained yours.

Make no mistake, the stakes are high when a browser walks out without buying anything with just buying one item. In summary, you are settling for a lot less than what is possible.

The best approach should capitalise on the people who do visit your shop – if it is twenty or two hundred. Routinely building higher transaction value purchases is a sure win. Even if you get fewer shoppers in slow times or through seasonal downturns, it is possible to still satisfy your revenue goals. During busier times, these greater per-ticket averages straight enhance your bottom line.

So You May Be asking, just how can you enhance your transaction value averages and boost total retail sales?

The best way is training employees to adopt a value selling mindset. Your salespeople have to be conscious about how to boost the sale of one product by suggesting additional products to improve the value of the sale. Not only will this cause more up-sells and add-ons, however, it also will also help remove the need for markdowns to transfer higher value items.

The question “How to Increase Retail Sales” is Best answered with a three-step strategy:

1) Build Rapport

2) Worth Selling Over Price

3) Suggestively Selling

Here are the comprehensive tips for your salespeople to concentrate On to boost your retail sales:

1) Building Rapport. Outstanding shopping experiences start with exceptional employee abilities. Your team must understand how to engage individuals from all walks of life in a real way. This means getting out of the counter because they wish to, not as you need to inform them. Those workers need to listen to the client that walked through your doors now, spot their motivators, and prioritise all your merchandise in a manner that motivates them to purchase. If they build rapport and connect with their clients, it is going to keep clients from searching for better bargains on their telephones while standing in your shop. It is going to also set the groundwork for a legitimate connection where everyone looks forward to viewing another again. This also makes it simpler for the salesperson to indicate add-ons as they’re regarded as a human being, a reliable adviser as opposed to a nameless clerk. Constantly support teamwork and foster team management to keep employees motivated.

2) Value Selling. Value selling is your base for raising retail sales. It’s simple to indicate sale items or steer clients toward the least expensive choice. But, markdowns are poor for profit, and the least expensive option is often not the best alternative for the customer. With the correct comprehension of the superior products they are selling, salespeople may keep the conversation centred on the long-term worth the products provide. Once clients understand that there are differences in quality from good to better to best, they will be more accepting of the cost differences between these products. Having established the value of this item from the client’s mind, it is simpler for the salesperson to segue to a dialog about add-ons. Having a strong sales management system is important in tracking the performance of employees and getting data on worker productivity.

3. Add-Ons. Salespeople who have a comprehensive understanding of the goods they market must also have a very clear knowledge of the items which match those products. Should they operate in electronic equipment, they understand that the very best television simply offers limited audio quality. That may lead to some conversation about audio bars or surround-sound systems. They will know that a gorgeous dress should be enhanced with a clutch and shoes. A camera has a lot of accessories to ensure it is really an artistic instrument. The clients leave with goods that transcend their original expectations, and the salesperson profits higher per-ticket earnings. To do this efficiently, your salespeople have to find the entire image in regards to their product lines, more-so compared to product attributes. Add-ons are the last and most important step of a sale and should be enforced as part of the sales management process to boost value.

Where to Start?

The knowledge and skills necessary to boost retail sales all begin with the ideal training regime. A well-conceived training course will instruct each of these methods while also instilling a mindset geared toward producing an exceptional customer buying experience.

When they’re exceptional, those efforts construct a base for greater per-ticket earnings, repeat customers, and improved retail sales.

Shopping for Anti-Ageing Skincare

Shopping for Anti-Ageing Skincare

Searching for an anti-ageing skincare product can feel just like hit-or-miss experience. With all these options, it can be hard to understand which products to pick. These dermatologists’ hints can help you shop with confidence and find a product that suits your skin and budget.

Begin with moisturiser and sunscreen: Dermatologists agree that moisturiser and sunscreen are both the most effective anti-ageing products that you may purchase. Employing these daily can make a difference in the appearance and health of your skin.
When Looking for sunscreen, then select one which provides all of the following benefits:

  • Broad range
  • SPF 30 (or greater)
  • Water resistance

An anti-ageing moisturiser can help minimise wrinkles. It is so powerful that moisturiser is your key ingredient in several anti-ageing products. Ageing skin struggles to remain moist and supple therefore using a moisturiser every day as part of your routine is essential for a youthful glow. A moisturiser and sunscreen in one is a go-to product, just ensure that the broad-spectrum coverage is SPF 30 or higher. If you’re going to spend some time outside during the day you should employ a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30 (or greater), and water resistance. Make sure you reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours while outside. You can use a face specific sunscreen for the delicate areas but don’t forget your neck and other exposed areas of your skin.

Target your main ageing skin concern: Give moisturiser and sunscreen a couple of weeks to do the job. Then study your skin. Is there still an indication of ageing that disturbs you? By focusing on a single concern, like wrinkles or dark spots, you’re going to find the best results. Start looking for something that targets specific areas. There are just two reasons for this:

  • No product can deal with all symptoms of skin ageing.
  • Using more than one anti-ageing skincare product in a couple of days or weeks may irritate skin, which makes you look old.

Choose a product that is specifically for your skin type: products will work better off they are tailored to your skin type and needs. For instance, if you suffer from greasy skin then choose a light moisturiser made for greasy skin. In case you’ve got sensitive skin, then you wish to find the words “sensitive skin” on the tag. This is important since no one product is suitable for everyone and everyone has different skin needs.

Read product information and pick a product that provides all the following:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic (Doesn’t cause acne)
  • Customer service contact number (to contact for queries)

Have realistic expectations: Exaggerated promises, for example, look 10 years younger immediately or quickly decreases all symptoms of ageing, and are too great to be true. It is important to keep in mind that anti-ageing skincare products provide modest outcomes. You can’t get the results of a facelift by a lotion. Suggestion: “Clinically proven” signifies that the item was granted to consumers to test. This indicates that the company put time and money into a consumer trial and therefore the products may be superior.

Select a product in your price range: It is human nature to believe that the more expensive the item, the greater the outcomes. Successful anti-ageing products come in all prices ranges.

Maximise results: a skincare product should just boost the health of your skin not create photo shopped unachievable beauty. If you want to go a step further then consider seeing a dermatologist and undergoing anti-ageing procedures such as low-level laser therapy or visit a cosmetic clinic for expert opinions on skincare and treatments for you. Though this route is much more expensive than just purchasing skincare.

Shopping for Nursing Gear and Equipment

Shopping for Nursing Gear and Equipment

Deciding on the best healthcare equipment for a nurse is critical for having the ability to work efficiently and professionally in a healthcare environment where long hours, a great deal of handling and sick and injured patients is a standard, and high levels daily obligation are present.

It’s vitally important to have the ideal gear in order to estimate their patient’s ailment, stay organised, stay connected to their staff and keep an eye on the time.

Below is a listing of a few the most common general items and medical instruments to purchase when shopping for nursing equipment and entering the demanding yet rewarding profession.

Scrubs: Scrubs are Remarkably Popular in the nursing community and rightfully so.

Scrubs are more comfortable to manoeuvre in, light, easy to clean and simple to wear which is very significant in the healthcare profession, particularly when working with ill and wounded patients.

After working in, it becomes evident just how much of A hindrance jeans and long sleeve tops can be.

Nursing Shoes: While shoes might not seem like an important issue to talk about, they may make a significant impact on a nurses lifestyle.

Nurses generally work 12-hour shifts which demand Lots of Walking and standing so using a comfy, breathable, light pair of walking shoe with a great deal of support can make a massive impact in the end of the day.

A poorly chosen shoe can cause serious spine and Foot discomfort when used for extended intervals.

Stethoscope: Possessing a top excellent Stethoscope is a very important item of gear for physicians and physicians as it enables medical professionals to listen for lung and heart abnormalities, also is among the fastest and most useful approaches to detect physiological problems in their own patients.

Medical Bag/Tote: Medical bags and bags are Essential from the nursing area as they are essential for having the ability to carry around all the nurse’s medical gear.

This can carry things like an otoscope, medical diary, stethoscope, dressing scissors, thermometer, batteries, medical tape, writing utensils, hand sanitiser/alcohol wipes as well as other hygienic goods, cream, PDA, smartphone, snacks, water bottles and other daily supplies.

With no proper medical tote, it would be difficult to get Physicians to handle all their responsibilities effectively and economically.

Medical Handbook/Guide: Medical reference handbooks and pocket manuals provide nurses priceless on the move advice to help them make better choices and prevent mistakes in their health setting.

A fantastic reference book can help nurses follow the ideal medical processes, understand the appropriate use of drugs/medications and their possible reactions, preserve quality healthcare guidelines and enhance patient care through research and finest healthcare practices.

Many physicians take handbooks and pocket guides to work to help them recall important health information and supply them with fast references so that they can make better choices at work.

Pen Light: Pen lights make it possible for nurses to assess and check pupil dilation which may help them get a much better awareness of the own patient’s condition like whether they’re aware and/or if there aren’t any cognitive abnormalities together with the individual.

By having the ability to quickly evaluate these possibilities it provides doctors a much better idea about which sort of ailment their individual could be suffering from and will assist the nurse to determine what kinds of questions they ought to ask to obtain the path of the issue.

Smart Phone, PDA Or Tablet: In today’s day and age being able to record significant Medical information, keep tabs on different medical jobs and readily communicate with other healthcare professionals within a healthcare facility such as a hospital or aged care facility is very important.

Being able to touch base with a nurse who’s in a different room may mean the difference between death and life in healthcare and wireless electronic devices give physicians and nurses more methods to communicate with one another and comprehend what is happening so they can address significant issues instantly.

Bright tablets and phones are getting to be powerful tools for assisting healthcare professionals to clarify complex medical processes they will need to patients understand and which makes it effortless for healthcare experts to seek out references to medication and medical gear and/or processes which can help minimise errors and provides patients with a more accurate diagnosis and treatment program.

If a nurse needs to look a medical circumstance, document their work change for the week, send of significant health data to a physician or healthcare provider, or response a page/phone from a staff member using a wireless device like a smartphone, tablet or PDA may make the office a much more successful efficient atmosphere.

Wrist Watch: Nurses must be exceptionally coordinated and with a very good awareness of time. Watches make it possible for physicians to focus on the different various essential tasks in their everyday working lives and assists them to designate a given quantity of time to each of the tasks.

With no watch, it’d be nearly impossible to keep track of what is happening and just how long they have been operating on a job

Hand Sanitiser/Antiseptics: Based on the health care centre a nurse functions a nurse can take their own hand sanitiser/antiseptics together whenever they move, or their workplace may supply them with their very own unique hand sanitisers.

As is often known in the medical field hand sanitisation is a very significant part health care and is vital for preventing germs and other dangerous substances from infecting the nurses and patients.

Commercial Property: Shopping Centres and Strip Malls

Commercial Property: Shopping Centres and Strip Malls

When picking between commercial properties to lease for your company, in the event you opt for an enclosed shopping centre or an open-air strip mall to acquire the maximum traffic and clients? Let us define both understand the differences.

Shopping centres are big enclosed spaces which are frequently characterized with many shops that sell a variety of products to the general public. Malls can be moderate to large in size and capacity, based on the building and the number of shops which it needs to hold. Strip Malls are shops which are organized in a row and connected by a building. These shops are attached to one another but don’t have a centralized internal accessibility for the public. The shops share a building and might even share a parking lot at front.

Shopping Centres are often owned by one entity and have centralized heating or cooling, based on the weather and the place in which the mall is situated. Malls are also car-friendly and therefore are associated with having big parking areas in an underground parking lot or an adjacent construction. Shopping centres often have food courts or dining areas, and many distinct retailers from department stores to specialty stores and services. Merchandise sold includes apparel, footwear, jewellery as well as food services and other services such as banks and internet providers.

The idea of the shopping centre hasn’t been a fresh one; they’ve been in existence since ancient Rome. The concept itself was obtained in the Trajan’s Market which was among the first shopping centres that created in Rome. Rome’s are also famous for its numerous bazaars, which grew into shopping malls. The malls gained fame around the 1920s, after World War II, when folks began shifting into the suburbs from town. To be able to make it much easier for the visitors to store, many shops were opened in a larger store that enabled easier access to the numerous stores in precisely the exact same location.

The shopping centres have many different branded and well-known stores that are based inside. The costs of the stores also fluctuate based on the sort of the shop; while branded shops are rather pricey; additional smaller shops provide regular costs on the product. Malls are also correlated with having food courts, film theatres, play area and a lot of other attractions to draw the general public. Malls are rather large and need a good deal of time to attempt to see every shop.

Strip Malls are shops which are organised in a row and occupy the same main building. These shops are attached to one another but don’t have a centralised internal accessibility for the public, you must wonder from one store to the next. The shops discuss a building and might even share a parking lot at front. They have shops in front while loading docks from the trunk.

Strip malls are also referred to as open-air malls. Shopping facilities are much like strip malls, one of the reason they’re frequently confused with a mall but have minor differences. Shopping facilities do permit an enclosed area to the public. This usually means there’s not any connected pathway which enables access to most of the shops from one area. The individual would need to depart one shop to enter the paths are also not completely covered and might provide a feel for a hallway. Shopping facilities also don’t have large shops to draw the public. Shopping is a fun experience for many and shopping centres often provide a better shopping experience for visitors due to the large interior allowing décor and decoration to take place and create a warm inviting space.

Strip malls often do not provide additional actions such as Gaming area, play area, amusement park, etc. Strip malls also don’t own a food court, even though they could talk about the parking lot with food kiosks. There might also be a pick food shop, based in the shop is leased by this food business. Shopping centres generally home little supermarkets, movie rental shops, dry cleaning, grocery stores, coffee stores, etc.

When choosing between the types of commercial property it is also about the location of the entire complex as well, the suburb and the population of that suburb. Some points to keep in mind:

How Travel Booking Sites are Dominating

How Travel Booking Sites are Dominating

Travel booking sites like Airbnb, Priceline, and continue to increase in popularity as budget-conscious consumers try to save as much as possible in their vacations.


These firms rely on different tactics to attract customers and get them interested in using their services. But they all share similar patterns and are mostly used with a single goal in mind: to save money.

Airbnb and the sharing market

Disrupting the hospitality market was something that few people could have seen coming. The hotel sector has traditionally been very strong and resistant to change but Airbnb has now changed all of that.


Individuals from around 190 countries list their properties on Airbnb. The entire company and its business model are based on the idea of the sharing market. This idea is based on the concept that individuals are able to provide their own things to other men and women.


That, of course, is an oversimplification of the expression. In this case, but it refers to how individuals are now able to rent unused spaces in the homes to be able to generate money. Subsequently, customers can now find a lot cheaper travel lodging with a friendlier and more personal approach.


Naturally, to adapt for example to ginormous undertaking, Airbnb has an impressive technology stack that includes dozens upon dozens of different services that manage marketing, sales, financial transactions, and more, and of course a very sophisticated search engine that typically delivers what people are genuinely searching for. They are becoming leaders in the market who develop best practice benchmarking for the industry.

Metasearch and finding the perfect deals


Unlike Airbnb, companies like Priceline and behave more as aggregators than anything else. uses what’s called a metasearch engine. Basically, it leverages other search engines through its own web design, aggregates their information, applies its own filters, and presents the world with numerous holiday deals.


The allure of is that it can find hotels, restaurants, rental cars, and flights across thousands of different cities from hundreds of different sites. Thus, its customers are almost reassured that they can discover the best price possible.


Not only that but also ensures that its users can always find what they are seeking, from coastal interior design to luxury modern styled hotels. Even hotels in vague destinations aren’t out of reach for the business so users can always turn to it when they can’t find what they’re looking for elsewhere.


Priceline is very similar though it also offers different services such as package vacations and cruises. A few years ago, Priceline acquired metasearch firm Kayak which meant that they also obtained all of its technologies and high quality advisors.

Creating vital competition


Once an industry is satisfied with its current criteria, it gets complacent and begins charging people more for the services offered. But when people have access to numerous methods of searching and comparing flights, by way of instance, then the airline companies have to react accordingly.


Search is the basis on which each one of those services has been built. People today will need to find what they’re seeking, or they will look elsewhere. As such, it’s very important that businesses like Airbnb and can provide their customers with exactly what they need.


This is evident in several businesses which have been interrupted by innovative ideas. Airbnb shook up the resort business and Uber did the exact same for the transport industry, forcing taxi businesses to adapt to new technologies.


Consumers nearly always stand to gain from such competition. Travel booking sites constantly compete with each other so they’re continuously improving their services so as to attract more customers.


The benefits to the users are obvious. Travelling all around the world is now possible for every budget, so long as users use services such as Airbnb,, and Priceline so as to obtain the best prices and hotels with the best living homewares possible.

A combination of technology


Firms as enormous as these rely on dozens of different platforms, services, and applications. As an example, they require one service to take care of payments, another to deal with searches, etc.


The mix of technology is at the heart of what these companies do. More often than not, they’ll also have a multitude of internal tools that will look after various tasks in the background or help with the development procedure.


One thing they all share in common is that they make their website design as simple as they can for the consumer. An individual will go to one of these sites, enter their search term, and expect proper results without a lot of fluff, which is exactly what they are all trying to deliver.

Attracting customers is easy when you benefit them


While each company has its own advertising campaigns, advertisements, and everything else essential to attract new clients, the fact remains that users will always flock to whichever site benefits them the most.


Needless to say, advertising does play a very important role. As an example, Airbnb’s Superbowl ad certainly gave it a good deal more attention. However, the purpose is to always improve the services provided so that clients can be fulfilled and keep using the service.


For example, if a consumer can choose between obtaining a slightly cheaper bargain at Airbnb but finds that the stage incredibly inconvenient, and they may turn to a hotel-booking site instead.

Costs of Building a Home Extension vs Moving Out

Costs of Building a Home Extension vs Moving Out

For lots of families, there is a time when your house becomes a small squeeze. Maybe growing kids are filling the home with their friends, toys and sound and also making the rooms look smaller than they once were. Or maybe an expanding company means that the home office needs a separate space to the dining room table. The demand for a larger home is a drawback that lots of families have to confront, where a house extension is often forgotten about.

Property Potential

Just like most big decisions in life, it all comes down to the subjective standards. Nobody can tell you exactly what the ideal choice is, however there are particular questions that you may ask yourself that may help you discover the ideal answer. When you are thinking about the advantages of extending your house instead of moving, consider your current property. Is it a unit? A bungalow? A semi-detached residence? What kind of road is it on? Is it situated in the city? The countryside? Does it have a loft? A cellar?

The extent to expand your house to save cash will be higher in certain circumstances than in others. It is never hopeless, but it could be much more challenging, and far more costly. If you have a garden area, a fresh attic or garage, or even a basement these provide excellent potential for a suitable and financially viable house advancement. If you reside in an apartment, nevertheless, there are fewer choices, which you might choose to take under account before deciding on whether to extend your apartment or move.

Location Potential

Where are you? Your city or street road should affect your choice. In London, with space at a premium and home costs ever high, it will likely be worth your while to boost your house rather than move. Even a costly expansion, for example digging below your house to make a cellar area from scratch, can cost you significantly less than moving to a larger house in the capital town.

Have a look at the property costs in your area and learn what the prices are of moving out of a two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom. Get an awareness of the expense of a larger home in your area; by doing your research and having a great deal of knowledge on the facts and statistics means you are able to make an educated choice about what’s going to be most cost effective for you: going elsewhere or extending your house. Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to check at houses on your road and costs they’ve recently sold for.

The Hidden Costs

Hidden costs do not just apply to extending your house; they also apply to moving. Listed below are a few small extras that you could get stung by in the event that you do not factor them in your decision making process.

You are moving house: do not overlook stamp duty, which increases with the purchase price of the home. Additionally, there are estate agent charges to consider, which may run from 0.75 percent to 3.5 percent of their selling cost, and attorney’s fees. It is possible to run up tens of thousands of dollars in those skilled expenditures; a big difference when you have not budgeted them in. If you are really getting into the nitty gritty of moving versus extending your house, then remember to also compute your moving costs: hiring a van, and professional movers, if needed.

You are going with a house extension: Planning permission costs, as do construction regulations tests and any surveys your local council may need from you. You might require an architect and structural engineers, in addition to the expense of your contractors themselves.

Factor the Disruptions

Together with the subjective standards of your extension, consider your daily and household life when weighing up the costs of moving versus enhancing to add value to your property. Where a garage door conversion needs to keep most disruption to a minimum, a basement or 2nd storey additions will cause one to much more hassle.


More Legoland Centers for Australian Malls

More Legoland Centers for Australian Malls

Legoland proprietor Merlin Entertainments will open up to four more Legoland Discovery Centres in major shopping centres around Australia in the next few years after throwing open the doors of its first southern hemisphere park at Chadstone. The $12 million Lego centre includes a four-dimensional theater, interactive rides in addition to over two million Lego bricks for children along with the brand’s grown-up fans to enjoy.

Merlin settled on Melbourne as the launching site for its first Australian Centre after research revealed that the city had the country’s biggest fan base for its classic toy. Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne general manager Drew Grove Said Merlin had plans to gather drake low loaders and the country’s largest cranes for hire to build on its global portfolio of 17 Legoland centers through partnerships with high-end towns in Australia.

Mr Grove said the international model was to find Legoland within premium retail centers, malls that already boasted strong vacancy amounts. Mr Grove said the foot traffic to these centers is enormous and tossed Legoland in as a premium product, which contrasts with the key demographics of centers like Chadstone. They see Legoland Discovery Centre to potentially bring domestic and global visitation but also local people through the market of around 90 minutes away and repeat visitation, which is why they anchor in those shopping centers. They have those repeat visitors.

For Chadstone co-owners Vicinity Centres and Gandel Group, Legoland is a strong new drawcard for its ever-expanding center, which is expected to attract over 22 million people this year alone. The opening of Legoland follows the launching of two new dining precincts in Chadstone in October in addition to its Hoyts cinema as part of the center’s $660 million redevelopment. Chadstone general manager Fiona McKenzie revealed that the centre had also recently established an expressions of interest campaign for the resort slated for the sprawling retail land. Others have proposed a solar power system and commercial electrical services to reach sustainability targets.

Ms McKenzie said that they’ve got a really amazing retail supply at Chadstone. There is something for everyone from the top end to the bottom end but what they need to do is keep evolving Lego all of the time, so one event is not likely to be what it is forever but for the day or week. They stated that they prefer to keep it interesting for their clients so there’s something new each time they see it.

To celebrate the launch of The Lego Ninjago Picture this month, Legoland Windsor Resort is providing free entry to guests who share their name with one of the film’s major characters. Between October 13 and 30 2017, ninja-named guests can gain their free entrance just by showing proof of identity at Legoland’s ticket office.

The six lucky names are Lloyd, Nya, Zane, Kai, Jay and Cole. At the hotel, youngsters will have the ability to channel their inner ninja from the new Lego Ninjago World, home to the UK’s first 4D ride with hand-held technologies. On Ninjago The Ride, households can battle snake tribes, skeleton ghosts and The Great Devourer with nothing but their best cassette hand moves in the centre which will thankfully have a decent air conditioning service and installation over the incoming hot summer.

Plus on October 21-22 and 27-28 the skies will light up with spectacular Lego Ninjago inspired fireworks displays. Lauren Moss, speaking on behalf of Legoland, stated that the Lego Ninjago Film characters are a group of ordinary children who go on ninja assignments, so they wanted to give guests with fitting ninja names the opportunity to go on their very own awesome experience at Legoland.

So welcome all the Lloyds, Kais, Jays, Nyas, Zanes and Coles to the resort: see them put their ninja skills to the test from Lego Ninjago World. Throughout the day outside, families can enjoy spooky fun at Brick Or Treat and over 55 rides and attractions including the world renowned Miniland, the Dragon rollercoaster and the Lego City Driving School.

It has been a tough couple of months for the Australian retail industry with six, high-profile labels falling since December and Chadstone acknowledged social experiences were a crucial advantage for retail properties in today’s market. Very blessed at a center like Chadstone, they’re at the forefront of shopping centers in the southern hemisphere and just six months into a $660 million redevelopment and preparing to reach out to slab crane hire companies. They recognise the need to also find high tourism numbers.

Chadstone already runs a shuttle bus in the city, making up to 10 trips each day from Federation Square in the CBD and there are plans to expand this service with the inclusion of a shuttle service from Southern Cross station and a third service from a yet to be determined location. Ms McKenzie said tourism was a significant opportunity for the center and Legoland would only raise the property’s tourism credentials.

Tips for When Buying a Car

Tips for When Buying a Car

Now’s a good time to purchase a new vehicle. The struggles facing the automobile industry are unprecedented and so are the deals offered to buyers. Car dealers will need to sell automobiles to be able to keep in operation, making this a powerful buyers’ market. Rebates, finances, and trade-in values would be the best they have been in quite a very long time.

But that does not indicate it is a simple time to purchase a vehicle, and it does not mean traders will lie down and give away the cars. A savvy buyer always has to be prepared, and the groundwork should begin before you ever set foot in a showroom.

Know that the Invoice Price

When you’ve determined by what car is ideal for you, look up the invoice price for this car in a Buyer’s Guide. Invoice cost is exactly what the dealer pays the manufacturer for your car; the maker’s suggested retail price (MSRP, or “sticker price”) comprises hundreds–usually tens of thousands–of dollars of profit to the trader. With the exclusion of all-new or very popular versions, you need to have the ability to receive a brand-new car for nearer to bill than MSRP. Knowing the bill price of your vehicle will inform the dealer that you mean business and anticipate a fantastic deal. Do not walk in the dealership with no info.

Assess the Manufacturer’s Site for Rebates

Many buyers will qualify for multiple rebates, some of which might not even be made public. You may belong to associations or get coupons in the email that entitle you to further rebates. Know about all rebates for which you qualify and ensure to get them. Traders are famous for not providing buyers each rebate accessible to them, rather keeping two or one as extra profit.

Research the Traders

Purchasing from a concerted and acceptable dealer will help save you money and headaches. There are quite a few sites which enable individuals to post reviews of dealerships, but their coverage is spotty and incomplete. If you cannot locate online reviews of this dealer you’re thinking about, simply speak to people. Your friends and acquaintances buy cars and ought to be truthful with you about if they were satisfied with their vehicle or dealer.

Assess Your Credit History

Most people who shop for automobiles will require financing. Just how much that loan prices will be dependent on your credit history, and understanding your own credit history will provide you a much better idea what to expect from creditors. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA) enables every consumer to acquire a complimentary copy of their credit report annually from each of the 3 leading credit-reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax). Receive a copy of your own credit file, and check it for accuracy. Pay the extra few dollars to get your credit rating too, as it’s among the more important aspects that banks use to ascertain your creditworthiness.

Get Your Own Funding

The largest Profit centre for an auto dealership is its own finance division. Traders contract with banks to find the best rates offered but may not really provide you those prices. They may get you a car loan for 4.9 percent APR but draw up your fund contract in 5.9 percent. This one-percent markup is strictly gain for the trader. You can often get a better rate of interest from the community bank or credit union, or you are able to present the prices you had been provided elsewhere to a salesman and also challenge him to match or beat them. That having been said, promotional prices from producers–sometimes as low as zero percent–could be hard to beat.

Time Your Buy

Traders run on a monthly foundation. In the end of the month, many will take lower offers to attain their own targets and qualify for manufacturer bonuses. If you are not picky about getting the most up-to-date and best, the end of a model year is a fantastic time to find fantastic deals on remaining stock. And December–especially the past week ahead of the new year–is a slow time for auto sales, so in the event that you’re able to hack some time from your holiday-shopping program, it is a smart time to purchase.

Additionally, most dealerships have been busier on weekends. The weekdays are generally slow, particularly in the morning. If you stumble in the dealership on a midweek morning if business is slow, then the salespeople are more inclined to generate a fantastic bargain too. They want sales and they would like to appear occupied often will to put leather seats in the car price and other features, which keeps them inspired to provide you with a much better deal and make your business.

Do Not Buy a Car On Your Visit

Utilize the initial trip to check in and test-drive the automobile(s) you’re interested in. Collect your information and then depart, and be adamant that you won’t be purchasing a car now. This will communicate with the trader that you aren’t likely to be bullied. See what you say to the salespeople–particularly if they ask you how far you’re ready to pay monthly–because anything you say will be utilized as a starting point where the trader will probably go up when discussions eventually begin.

Get Internet Quotes from A Few Traders provides free online pricing quotations comparing local dealers. Get quotes from several dealers before you ever pay a visit to any of these. If traders know they’re being pitted against other shops, it is going to be easier for you to receive their very best offer right off the bat, and then waltzing to a dealership with a primary offer already in hand gives you an edge in negotiations.

Make an Appointment with the Sales Manager

Once your study is completed and you’re ready to head into the Dealership to get a new car, call ahead and make an appointment. By calling a sales supervisor to create your appointment, you convey that you’re seriously interested in this trade and understand what it is you’re doing. You will nevertheless be paired with a salesman once you arrive, however, your odds improve of obtaining a straight shooter that understands you will not be easy fodder.

There’s no guarantee you will find a great deal on a new-car buy, nor is there a set price to negotiate toward with almost any automobile; pricing always changes with age, content, distribution, and need. But following these principles will start you in the ideal way to find the best price possible for the new car of prestige that you want.

The Finest Toilet Seat and Bidets I Ever Bought

The Finest Toilet Seat and Bidets I Ever Bought

Just like a sensible set of white shoes lessening the allure of a stiletto heel, my bathroom seat-and-lid with gentle hinges has destroyed normal – and frequently more beautiful – bathroom chairs for me. (For brevity’s sake, I shall only refer to it as a “toilet seat” here, even though I am technically referring to a toilet-seat-and-lid mix.)

I’ll never, actually consider buying any other kind of bathroom seat. My 13-year-old self might need a crystal clear plastic toilet seat with figurines and glitter blended to it, or a glue laminated engineered timber one with a realistic painting of a crimson rose onto it. But this won’t ever happen, because toilet chairs with gentle hinges have put the bar too high.

A toilet seat having a gentle hinge – I have the slow-close molded-wood bathroom seat by Mayfair – signifies that if you place the chair (or liddown), there is no banging noise. You give the chair (or lid) a small push if you want it to shut and it protects the rest. Gliding, it slows down as it means the bowl. From the time the surfaces match, the chair (or lid) is moving so slowly that it creates zero sound. The entire process lasts approximately ten minutes. And it’s glorious.

My foray into buying an extremely specific toilet chair started with a demand from an emergency plumber working on blocked plumbing to replace the tattered one which came with the toilet when my husband and I signed the lease for our apartment. In the beginning, it was a U-shaped toilet chair, but after years of everyday usage – it’s the only bathroom in the apartment – it had been actually looking its era. It had been embarrassing and disagreeable enough that I chose to buy a brand new one.

In my quest to discover a substitute, I found that toilet seats are extremely loud when closed carelessly – that is exactly what happens within my home whenever it is used. Throughout the daytime it is slammed closed, a sound which echoes through the whole apartment. Plumbing shops, designing showrooms … visits to those establishments expose one into a huge toilet tech you cannot see in sci-fi novels. Toilets using LED light bicycles. Toilets with underfloor heating selections for your seat.

Too many bells and whistles are just that: too much. All I desired was a straightforward solution to a problem I had been having.

After several hours spent reading reviews of “whisper close” bathrooms on Amazon, I opted to buy the soft hinges bathroom seat I’ve based on testimonials, number of testimonials, cost, and accessibility (in that order). Installing it was a cinch, and it has created a severe effect. I am rather entertained by how quiet it is that occasionally I open and shut only for pleasure, which really tells you a whole lot about where I am in my life at the moment.

Basically I enjoy that placing the lid or seat down doesn’t feel as a job that should be treated with caution. There is no attentively closure late at night for fear of waking up my partner. There are no loud bangs heard through the day. It is like the toilet seat and lid do not also exist, which is precisely the way I need it.

And yet the typical person’s reaction to seeing a bidet in a toilet is to raise an eyebrow or snicker. To the rest of the civilized world, bidets are somewhat common, especially to commercial plumbing services and plumbers. Bidets simply offer more cleaning and comfort in the toilet, better cleaning, in reality, than conventional toilet paper. They may be particularly helpful for those who have specific medical conditions, physical disabilities, and pregnant women, however even in cases where you don’t fall into any of these categories, it is still possible to enjoy the advantages of a bidet.

Bidets (pronounced ‘bih-days’) have been mainly bought for hygienic reasons. They offer better cleaning than toilet paper and also will help save you money over time. From the Proremodeler post, bidets ultimately are making inroads in US Bathrooms Philip J. Buffington, M.D., Chief Medical Officer in The Urology Group, in Cincinnati said that if you take germ cultures after a bowel motion by means of a bidet versus bathroom seat, you’d see why it creates much greater health awareness to use a bidet.

Why are bidets so bizarre to people? There is a handful of concepts, but the most plausible one alludes much to an outdated stereotype about how bidets are utilized. The term bidet comes from the French phrase for little horse since centuries past, to use a first bidet, you may need to sit down and straddle over it since you cleaned with all the water at the bowl along with your palms.

This is not how they’re utilized anymore, but since they were not introduced in the United States, it is usually believed that Americans, who are usually so picky about cleanliness, favor the newspaper shield between hands and buttocks. Americans are inclined to be hush-hush about toilet items, generally speaking, thinking about the very first toilet flushing did not appear in cinema before the 1960’s film Psycho where it had displayed what people still call “the toilet” under structural architectural timber beams although lots of private or public baths do not really have a ‘bathroom’ in them.

Another misconception is that bidets are only for ladies. That is just not true. They are sometimes handy to women during pregnancy but are also quite hygienic for guys to use along with or without toilet paper. In reality, many who’ve switched over to bidets simply refuse to return to regular bathrooms, which will be where traveling bidets can be convenient.

Bottom line is though that bidets are somewhat foreign to Americans, they provide huge developments in hygiene and relaxation. A bidet is among the very practical products you’re able to invest in as you will use it several times per week day. The only downside is the upfront price – and bidets aren’t cheap – but it will pay for itself over time.

First Online Farmers Market Readies for Launch

First Online Farmers Market Readies for Launch

Each weekend around Australia from Canberra to Collingwood and outside, visitors and locals buy fresh produce at farmers’ markets. MegaFresh founder and managing director Alex Stefan wants to tap into this demand with the roll-out of the world’s first online farmers’ market where shoppers will have the ability to buy farm fresh produce from their cell phone. Stefan is in the middle of a “soft launch” of Megafresh signing up farmers to the website at Victoria, soon to be followed by NSW and Queensland. MegaFresh functions like eBay. Sellers list their goods in their own cost and buyers do their shopping.

Stefan farmers and local IT support consultants for network services consider markets plenty of work for a limited amount of shoppers. He believes an internet market will fix their problem, seeing MegaFresh as a direct line from manufacturer to customer through its own warehouse and delivery model. The model has the backing of the Victorian Farmers’ Federation. VFF president David Jochinke states that the VFF would support a platform which may decrease the supply chain costs and provide more margins back to farmers.

First farmer on board

MegaFresh bills itself as a distinctive one-stop store for shoppers. It’s a fulfilment service which stores and packs the new farm produce and markets then delivers to a climate-controlled pick-up pod for the shopper to accumulate on the same day. Yarra Valley apple grower Kevin Sanders is among the first farmers to register. He says that it’s time for a new kind of shopping experience for the consumer and the farmer, enabled by testing managed services and agile test management.

Sanders doesn’t anticipate massive orders for his apples in the beginning, so will deliver a small amount of his harvest for now. He states that for apples or pears, so long as they’re refrigerated, there’s absolutely no loss of integrity for a week.

Personal funds spent

Stefan has already invested personal funds of over $300,000 to start up MegaFresh and expects there will be a couple more million sunk to the fledgling company by future investors when MegaFresh gains traction. The business will earn money by charging suppliers a commission on the sales price, like online marketplaces Amazon and eBay. Unlike Amazon, which charges a membership fee, MegaFresh clients don’t pay to do their online shopping.

While Sanders believes providing via MegaFresh as another route to clients, he adds that the handy part of a farmers’ market is instant feedback from the customer. Maintaining the personal interaction from a traditional farmers’ market is going to be the challenging part but not an impossible part.

Sense of community

By interacting with vendors and clients via social networking apps (tested by a software testing course), MegaFresh will keep the farmers’ market sense of community. But Victorian Farmers’ Market Association executive director Kate Archdeacon isn’t so sure, saying that there are plenty of businesses around which are using the word farmers’ markets as an advertising mechanism but are definitely operating as third party retailers.

Archdeacon says that these companies are so far away from the direct farmer-customer relationship that’s central to licensed farmers’ markets. The institution sees this as another example of attempting to capitalise on the great standing of farmers’ markets.

What is in a name

Megafresh is explained by Stefan as an interaction between the supplier and the customer, distinct to a wholesale retail version [moving] down the chain from manufacturer to distributor to retailer to customer. The Megafresh platform is a direct line from manufacturer and manufacturer to customer via its own warehouse and delivery model.

Archdeacon points out that you can’t replicate [a farmers’ market] in anything that has this third party management and a consistent need for external IT support solutions from consultants in Melbourne. It’s a kind of buffer between the client and the farmer. It isn’t the same. It’s gratifying to know that the notion of a farmers’ market is regarded as a means to entice consumers but that’s the nicest thing he can say about it, according to Archdeacon.

How Much are we Really Spending on Back to School Costs?

How Much are we Really Spending on Back to School Costs?

When it comes to returning back-to-school, mothers shed some serious coin to get their children looking good, according to a 2012 poll from and Women & Co.

2012 Survey: We Spend $179 Per Child to go Back-to-School

back to school, costs, find tutor

As per a poll of 1,000 mothers, 60 percent state that clothes is going to probably be their largest expenditure this season, with 91 percent recognizing they spend more on their kids’ wardrobes to supply everything from day to day apparel to sportswear like sublimated basketball uniforms, compared to their own.   Normally, families intend to spend $131 on clothing and $48 on school supplies, per child, for a total of $179.

The analysis also revealed some other interesting tidbits:

Midwest mothers are thrifty: Mothers in the Middle of the nation–that had been the least inclined to consider these as bargain-hunters–were paradoxically those who were very likely to keep under budget by purchasing kids shoes online.   Moms in the Northeast, however, admitted they were most likely to get carried away and spend more than they need to.

How mothers save:  Over half (54%) of mothers create a back-to-school budget and have the intention of adhering to it, and can do so using many different techniques. Just under half of those surveyed consider themselves “bargain-hunters,” collecting coupons and actively looking for sales; just under 30% are “one-stop shoppers,” visiting only a few retailers to buy all their supplies to save themselves times and a fifth are “early birds,” shopping whenever the sales begin to receive the best selection and buy a pair of kids boots sturdy enough to last the school year.   But despite all their finest efforts to save, 1 in 4 moms still feel they get carried away with back-to-school shopping and buy more than they ought to. Of course, I should clarify this pool only analysed actual shopping and didn’t consider other back-to-school expenses such as online physics tutors, school fees and bus passes.

The most detested back-to-school chore isn’t shopping.  Over half of mothers claim that getting their children back on a reasonable schedule is the worst part of getting back-to-school ready. This was detested more than school registration, start of school events, clothes shopping and school supply shopping

But…. While this 2012 poll is interesting, what’s even more fascinating is the latest study by Deloitte which claims back-to-school expenses are now over $500 per child for 2017. Has there been an almost $320 increase in costs over the last half decade or are these two polls considering back to school expenses differently?

It is probably most likely the latter; however it is still interesting to consider both surveys together; as the Deloitte survey doesn’t consider psychological factors. Here’s my analysis:

Deloitte’s 2017  back-to-school expenses survey

basketball apparel, back to school expenses, back to school costs

2017’s back-to-school shopping season, though not as long as other years, will provide gains for shoppers and retailers.  While parents are spending about as much as Deloitte reported last year, there’s a noticeable shift in where parents are cashing in on sales.   The message to retailers is that it will be first in, best dressed.  Those who begin their sales earlier have typically also reported higher earnings.

Back to school shopping will total an estimated $27 billion this calendar year, according to Deloitte’s survey.  A mean of $501 per child will be spent by parents on clothing, supplies, electronic devices, and gadgets. But, parents who shop sooner likely will spend more.   The survey revealed 60 percent of Americans who shop at back-to-school sales before August will spend about $532.   That’s 16 percent higher than parents who wait until closer to the beginning of school –August or later — to do their shopping.  Parents who leave shopping until later only typically spend $458 per child.  71 percent of all back to school spending happens during an eight-week period from July through August.

If you are a parent that waits until the absolute last minute to complete your back to school shopping, you are not alone. There seems to be a trend of parents waiting closer to the school start date to arrange school related matters; whether it be shopping or starting the search to find a tutor for their child’s worst subjects.

Deloitte’s 2017 survey asked parents about their back to school shopping lists. Clothes and accessories are consuming more of the annual budget with families’ allocating 55% of their total spending in this area.   Parents will spend about $200 on clothing including basketball hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, jumpers and casual shoes. Clothing for School uniforms and school approved shoes will end up costing parents 20% of their budget at $104. 14 percent of the total amount spent will go to computers and hardware.

In a victory for traditional retailers, a large proportion of parents – 57%– will physically buy back-to-school items. Most of those, will go for super-chains such as Target and Walmart.  21 percent of shoppers will select the ease of shopping online. Classic department stores will see less traffic this year.  Only 28 percent of shoppers say they’ll visit traditional department stores — down 54 percent from this past year.

There’s a big market of parents who are still unsure of where they will go to purchase back-to-school supplies.  It is calculated that ‘undecided’ shoppers provide $5.4 billion in back to school spending.  A strategy to entice a fifth of undecided shoppers could offer great returns for retailers

Vice chairman of Deloitte LLP, Rod Sides stated, “This segment is up for grabs but likely to go to retailers that draw the customer in early with promotions and digital experiences that make store visits even more attractive, like inventory visibility or buy online/pick up in store.”

Back to school is the second-biggest shopping season in the United States. It covers 53 million children in 29 million households. Deloitte conducted the survey of 1,200 parents who have at least one child in grades K-12.  The survey was conducted from May 31 to June 6.

Whilst Deloitte clearly has the better data it is still interesting to consider whether we are spending too much on getting out children back-to-school ready. While technology has obviously increased the costs, it is also interesting to see parents also seem to be spending more on clothing as well despite shopping at larger retail chains.

Personally, I believe we are spending too much, regardless of exactly how much we are spending.

Nine West to Say Goodbye to Brick and Mortar

Nine West to Say Goodbye to Brick and Mortar

Shoe company Nine West are getting ready to close their brick and mortar stores.


The seemingly everywhere shopping mall merchant that became a destination for stilettos, clogs and handbags has been decreasing it’s shopping centre presence as of late, and its brick and mortar shops may soon close across the board forever, in order to compete with online shoes stores.

The 40-year-old brand founded by the late designer Vince Camuto is facing retail extinction since the remaining 25 shops throughout the U.S. — down from about 227 a decade ago — seem to be on limited time.


That’s Since Nine West Holdings, owned by private equity company Sycamore Partners, is in an auction proceeding that could spur a liquidation of the stores, according to sources knowledgeable about the circumstance. The reasoning behind this is that the equity is gone and along with that the creditors are fed up, they would like to determine how to get their money back.  Licensing firms are currently being approached to ascertain their interest in the corporation’s brands, including Anne Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, L.E.I, Givenchy antiques and 14 others, which are sold in department stores and which have been hit hard by the shopping mall recession.


In New York City, the last full-price Nine West store, located at the Rockefeller Center, shut its doors for good at the end of May to continue selling its shoes online. In accordance with the bright-blue store front signs in the window, it is going to be replaced in the autumn by Warby Parker, the trendy eyewear retailer that is popular with Millennials. Although, Nine West was there a long time said Faith Hope Consolo, chairman of retail for Douglas Elliman Real Estate, who stated that Nine West were currently not undertaking any more leases  of brick and mortar sites.


There are just two Nine West outlet shops in town — in the Bronx and in Brooklyn — as the company shifts its attention to e-commerce where the company will continue selling women’s shoes at an affordable price, according to individuals knowledgeable about the business’s plans.


The Sycamore Partners bought the Nine West company from Jones Apparel Group for $2.4 billion back in 2014, it acquired 34 brands, some of which it subsequently sold off, including Easy Spirit this year.


The investment company, led by buyout mogul Stefan Kaluzny, last month jumped at a $6.9 billion deal to purchase Staples, but sources say it’s very likely to drop the workplace merchant’s stores while focusing on its wholesale operations.


Nine West was such a powerhouse in its own day said Gabriella Santaniello of A Line Partners, a retail consultancy. She along with other retail experts say that the chain recently has been pummelled by rivalry with Steve Madden, Amazon’s online shoe giant Zappos and a new production of fast-fashion retailers selling women’s shoes online.


At its elevation in 2006, Jones Apparel owned and operated 796 shops, with Nine West accounting for the largest chunk of its retail business. In 2007, Nine West brands accounted for 10.4 percent of the women’s footwear market, its chief executive at the moment, Andrew Cohen, told police throughout a hearing from the Federal Trade Commission on competitive issues between resellers the company was facing.

How To Get The Most From Summer Clearance Sales

How To Get The Most From Summer Clearance Sales

As summer comes to an end, you can snag some really good bargains online. If you know where to look and what to look for, you will find yourself saving money and wondering why you haven’t been doing this for years!

What’s on sale right now?

Most of the things you’d use in the summer are on sale right now including swimming pools, pool supplies, bathing suits, summer clothes, women’s sandals, outdoor entertaining items(picnic items, gazebos,etc.,) outdoor toys, and bikes.

Why buy now?

Buy now for either next year or gifts for the holiday for tremendous savings. If you can find shorts for your kids at 75% off, buy up a size for next year and you’ll have 75% savings on their summer wardrobe next year. Does Santa like to bring new bikes for Christmas? Check out Target, Toys R Us and some of the other outdoor stores online for deals on bikes and outdoor riding toys that you can stash away for the holidays. If you have space, pool accessories will certainly keep until next summer in storage as would summer entertaining items. You can probably get a fabulous deal on outdoor furniture right now!

What NOT to do.

Don’t buy just because it’s cheap. Only buy it if you really need it or will use it because what good does it do you if you wind up selling or giving away what you bought next year? The exception to this would be if you’re buying to resell the items! I know a lot of people who shop off season for things like this and sell them on eBay. You can make a lot of money selling hard to find bathing suits or shorts on eBay during the winter when families might take trips to warmer climates but can’t find suitable clothes! I know I once sold a pair of snow pants I only paid $10 for almost $30 on eBay just because they were in demand!

What TO do.

If you do buy clothes ahead of time, leave the tags on them. In case you misjudge sizes, you’ll be able to sell them on eBay or to a consignment shop. If the tags are still attached, the item is likely to bring you more money!

Enjoy the sales. 75%, 80% or even 90% off deals can be a real rush! Don’t forget to look for coupons for additional online savings.

Make sure to store your items where you won’t forget them. (As someone who is notorious for this, it’s my best tip!) You might want to get a large plastic container and label it “Summer Clearance” to hold all your loot. If it doesn’t fit in the container, then make a list of other things you’ve bought and tape your list to the inside of the box!

Watch for over-inflated prices which lead to over-inflated discounts. If something is supposedly 75% off but is only worth what the selling price is to start with, it isn’t a deal.

If you do all these things, you’ll be prepared come next summer with bathing suits, pool toys, and bubbles galore! You’ll be glad you thought ahead and I bet by then, you’ll have the hang of things and will already have a box of winter clearance waiting for the snow to fly!