Buying Art For The Living Room

Buying Art For The Living Room

Well-placed and interesting art has the power to change a room, but shopping for the right piece may be a complex and intimidating endeavour. To help expedite this procedure, we have provided a few pointers on selecting the most appropriate piece of artwork for your house. We have provided these tips as a guide only, ultimately it is up to you, your tastes and your space. Shopping for art is a wonderful experience, browsing through all the galleries and falling in love with the perfect piece for your home.

  • Buy what you love. Nice art should never be a maybe and should delight you every single time you look at it. Art can liven up any space, especially the living room where it is a communal space for enjoyment. Splurge on the vintage piece down at the auction or order a custom print of your favourite photograph. The internet has a variety of prints readily available of more expensive pieces for you to have for yourself.
  • Consider a modern piece for a more traditional room and a classical piece for a contemporary room. It warms up it and provides visual contrast and conversation starter. Visitors will be impressed with the contrast and depth this creates and you can even take thisfurther by incorporating matching furniture and décor to compliment the artwork.
  • Do not try too hard to coordinate with your artwork to the space. Instead, contrast and adapt the room with artwork so that it works together with the space and does not overshadow the room. Don’t be too fussy or restrictive in what you are looking for, keep an open mind, there is no real formula for what art to choose. It is about the feeling and cohesiveness that it conveys. Sometimes a piece will just jump out at you and it was nothing like what you had considered before.
  • Do splurge on quality custom framing and professional museum showcases for your artwork. You will be happy you did since it will enhance the visual appeal and protect the artwork. Try acrylic showcases as a durable affordable option. Proper display solutions ensure the artwork will last a lifetime and create a clean professional look. Many artists offer complimentary framing and know how to display artwork to look its best.
  • Mix and match. Mix artwork from different eras and different styles of artwork. Display $5000 paintings with $20 street artwork. Add some home-made children’s artwork and family photographs to the mix. Build your collection over time and tell your story. Your home will become your own miniature gallery for you to enjoy every day.
  • When you put art in your house there is just one opinion that matters: yours. When it is a shocking or edgy picture, it’ll be remembered. You can even get creative and introduce a motif for the rest of the house with the living room piece as the centre piece.
  • If you find a piece of art and it is not the ideal size or colour, ALWAYS ask whether the artist may produce a personalised piece. Most artists will be happy to reproduce a piece for your requirements.
  • Be open to several mediums. Artists create beautiful works aside from oil paintings, interesting mediums include wax, enamel, gold dust as well as recycled substances and cloth. Adding textured art pieces add another dimension to the room. Experimenting with colour is also important. Should you have all black and white photographs and coloured artwork? Or possibly stick to a pastel colour scheme?

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